Europe and Cambodia together for the Earth

Since 2013 the EU delegation in Cambodia organises once per year, around the European Day in May a bicycle tour in Cambodia. The 17 km tour along Phnom Penh is a great opportunity not only to promote a healthy and environmental friendly lifestyle but also to bring together Europeans and Cambodians Continue reading ->untitled


‘Susdey Chhnam Thmey’ (Happy New Year!)

Last week I celebrated the Cambodian New Year for the first time in my life. It’s 2016, or in other words, 2560 years since Buddha passed on not only from this world, but so too the cycle of death and rebirth. He now enjoys eternal peace, otherwise known as nirvana. Oddly, while this is my first ever Khmer New year to have experienced, it’s the third New Year I’ve celebrated this year; that is, after the common First-of-January celebration and Continue reading ->

Welcome to Kingdom of Wonder

Cambodia is known as the Kingdom of Wonder. A Kingdom, because of the King who rules the state; Wonder because although everything differs entirely from our Western imagination, it is still beautiful and compelling. Kingdom of Wonder it surely is, but I would certainly not call it a Kingdom of Continue reading ->

The European Union in a changing global environment

In the 21st century, Europe must strengthen its voice in other regions of the world. Our task is a commitment to democracy, human rights and prosperity in the neighbourhood and wider world. Europe can only face the challenge by acting together, improving deeper political integration and finally by developing synergy between internal and external policies. Nevertheless, how far has the European Union become a strategic actor in the global arena? We observe, there is a big demand for more European engagement across the world. The answer to the EU’s role in international relations lies in Continue reading The European Union in a changing global environment

Transatlantic relations and Russia – is “no business as usual” policy enough in the long-term?

The political relations between the Western world and Russia have radically changed in the last twenty-five years. It is a good time to sum up these relations and try to make predictions for the future. The essential question is, how should the West deal with Russia? Is the country predictable for us in the long-term? Continue reading Transatlantic relations and Russia – is “no business as usual” policy enough in the long-term?

We the citizens of the United Nations

Thousands of people from the Middle East and other war-torn countries are seeking a safer and better life haven across Europe. They are seeking a future free of dictatorship, fear and terror, what every single person around the world deserves.

We have in mind the dreadful pictures from the Mediterranean Sea, on the Greek islands or Hungarian border. That reminds us, there are two worlds existing next to each other — the world that it is and the world as it should be. Continue reading We the citizens of the United Nations