General Principles of Humanitarian Law

Since 1864, the International Humanitarian Law has developed its own general principles of law, which also constitute – according to the Art. 38 of Statute of International Court of Justice (ICJ) – sources of law. This approach was confirmed in the jurisprudence of ICJ and International Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia.

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NATO, Russia and Ukraine

The question of a possible accession of Ukraine to the NATO has been put aside since at least 2014. The war in Ukraine has diametrically changed the international and regional situation. Beyond doubt, the accession would be a win-win outcome for both – the state of Ukraine and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Nevertheless, Russia would lose its dominant position in the region, a position builds upon historical, economic and cultural approach. Russia always rejects a further expansion of the NATO arguing that the organisation has lost its role since the end of Cold War. Continue reading NATO, Russia and Ukraine

Could EU army threaten NATO?

The new European Army announced by J-C Juncker last year is a project which has generated lots of debate. The project being still only under discussions will be beyond doubt very to implement. The key issue is a potential relationship between European Army and NATO. The European Army should be a new structure, which regroups some units of the EU Member States. Continue reading Could EU army threaten NATO?

Recovery of the Polish Armed Forces

In the middle of the second decade of the 21-century Polish Army remains a mix of soviet, post-soviet and modern armed forces (for example having three different types of tanks). The professional army (after abolishing the conscription in 2009) is professional only on the paper- many polish units have skeleton staff (40-60% of the regular size), particularly in the neighbourhood of the Russian border. Another problem, which has to be solved, is that the eastern part of Poland is almost empty from forces. Continue reading Recovery of the Polish Armed Forces

Are we ready for the European Army?

Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission announced the creation of a European Army in order to defend the values of the European Union. Many commentators consider this idea as utopic, fanciful or absurd, according to the French Courrier International after the German Frankfurter Allgemaine Zeitung. This is hardly surprising, especially when we have not overcome the other difficulties raised by another European problem- the common currency- euro.

Are we ready for the European Army?

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