Recovery of the Polish Armed Forces

In the middle of the second decade of the 21-century Polish Army remains a mix of soviet, post-soviet and modern armed forces (for example having three different types of tanks). The professional army (after abolishing the conscription in 2009) is professional only on the paper- many polish units have skeleton staff (40-60% of the regular size), particularly in the neighbourhood of the Russian border. Another problem, which has to be solved, is that the eastern part of Poland is almost empty from forces. Continue reading Recovery of the Polish Armed Forces


Are we ready for the European Army?

Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission announced the creation of a European Army in order to defend the values of the European Union. Many commentators consider this idea as utopic, fanciful or absurd, according to the French Courrier International after the German Frankfurter Allgemaine Zeitung. This is hardly surprising, especially when we have not overcome the other difficulties raised by another European problem- the common currency- euro.

Are we ready for the European Army?

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