Election in Germany

The elections in Germany have brought many answers to the current political situation, not only in Germany but also in Europe. Together with the French elections, there are the most influential in the nearest future of the continent. Beyond doubt, politicians who rule in Berlin and Paris also design the policy of Brussels. After Trump and Brexit, many political commentators expected that German elections would bring the politics back to the right track, towards a system without a (significant) presence of populist and right-wing parties. Continue reading Election in Germany


Korean Word War

In recent weeks, the world held its breath. Tensions between North Korea and the United States reached a climax. The threat of war hovers over the world, a war which could destroy the post-1990’s world order; world peace now hangs in the balance. Nobody can accurately predict what would be the cause of a nuclear war nowadays, or how many people would die. One thing is sure; nuclear weapons possess a genocidal character – they can wipe out whole nations. Continue reading Korean Word War

Integration for Ukraine

Ukraine is divided into many dimensions. One part of the country seceded and joined Russian Federation (with its strong support); and two separatist regions declared independence (not recognised by anyone, even Russia). Ukraine is divided by languages – half of the population speaks Russian, half Ukrainian on a daily basis. Even if the spread of Russian language is decreasing (also due to the detachment of Crimea and Donbas region), the language plays a significant role in the country. There are still places in Ukraine, although Continue reading Integration for Ukraine

A political or economic union for the EU?

Brexit has shaken our confidence in the European Union; the talks about the reforms are on the top of Juncker’s, Schulz’s and Tusk’s agendas. In which direction should the European project move? Due to the ghost of Brexit, the reform process is a race against the clock. If the UK performs better in the long run (it is always easier to solve problems in small countries, let alone international organisations) and Europe Continue reading A political or economic union for the EU?

Could EU army threaten NATO?

The new European Army announced by J-C Juncker last year is a project which has generated lots of debate. The project being still only under discussions will be beyond doubt very to implement. The key issue is a potential relationship between European Army and NATO. The European Army should be a new structure, which regroups some units of the EU Member States. Continue reading Could EU army threaten NATO?

Forum Mondial pour Alimentation et l’Agriculture

On peut dénicher les racines du Forum Mondial pour Alimentation et l’Agriculture dans les années quatre-vingts quand les organisateurs de l’IGW se sont décidés d’arranger l’Internationale Forum de Politique Agricole de l’Association de Agriculteurs allemands[1]. Le cycle de conférence avait eu lieu la première fois en 1981. Néanmoins, les sujets de discussions concernaient plutôt les aspects internationaux, mais seulement en rapport avec l’agriculture de l’autre côté du Rhin, telles que, par exemple, les facilités d’exportation de produits agroalimentaires.

Après la réunification en 1990, les objectifs de la politique allemande Continue reading Forum Mondial pour Alimentation et l’Agriculture

Every day is a Human Rights Day

In September 2016 I became a lecturer at the Royal University of Law and Economics in Phnom Penh where I now teach International Human Rights Law. This new extracurricular activity gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge with Cambodian students, to learn new things and to do something extra beside my work duties. I teach the young generation of Cambodians; a generation who, one day, will shape the future of this nation. Let me share with you my reflection on Education. Continue reading ->