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European of all lands, unite!

As never before in recent history, Europe currently faces a serious test of unity. The events of recent months have shown how essential it is to have close collaboration to overcome our problems.

Only nonpartisan, inter-governmental cooperation can be a reliable guarantor of peace and freedom. Again and again, however, we observe that scepticism and doubts concerning European institutions are present in the minds not only of many EU citizens but also of the governments of some Member States.

The international financial crisis has brought our weaknesses to light and has made us realise that the project of a united Europe has not yet been achieved. Questions about responsibility should be raised not for pointing fingers at states considered responsible for the crisis but for the purpose of constructive self-reflection. We must accept shared responsibility and face the great challenges in front of us.

Furthermore, it is to be established that we are on the right track to bring our finances into balance. Only by virtue of that belief can the worries and anxieties of our citizens be properly addressed and we could then look at the future with hope. We need solidarity from all parts, from government to government, from person to person.

The process of European integration has not yet been completed and there still are countries in Europe which are not part of our European family. We should support positive democratic changes and developments of each population. Propagation and advancement of our common values and achievements must be our goal and we cannot make concessions to excessive restrain. Every country in Europe must have the opportunity and the hope of becoming a full member of the European Union. In particular, cooperation with countries in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean is a priority.Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 06.57.07

In the 21st century, Europe must strengthen its voice in other regions of the world. Only when Europe speaks consistently with one voice, will we be equal partners alongside the United States and China not only economically but also politically. Our task is a commitment to democracy, human rights and prosperity. We must never forget about the societies who do not have access to these values.

 Finally, we must not forget about our descendants. The world, which we now have the opportunity to shape, will be the world of our children. Given our responsibility for the future, we must commit ourselves to sustainable development and to limit climate change. Europe needs a common environmentally-friendly energy policy.

Dear Europeans,

Before these goals are achieved, we must continue on this path. A strong Europe is the foundation of our prosperity and our freedom. We all have the responsibility of working for a united Europe. We all need Europe and Europe needs us. It is for these reasons that I decided to create this blog.


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