International Civil Litigation Procedure- Fall 2017

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the law, theory, institutions, and procedure of international civil litigation, which has traditionally been concerned with three topics:

  • International or inter-territorial jurisdiction of courts in civil and commercial litigation;
  • Choice of law (whether the law of another State or territory should be applied);
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgement;


Book – Introduction to Cambodian Law

Cambodian Civil Code English

Cambodian Civil Code Khmer

  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Public and private law, Sources of law, structure of civil law
    1. Top Tips for Effective Presentations
  3. Natural and Judicial persons
    1. Students presentation – Roman/Justinian Law
  4. Property law
    1. Article – Good Faith and Fair Dealing
    2. Students presentation – French Civil Code
  5. Principle of good faith
    1. Students presentation – German Civil Law
  6. Obligations
    1. Students presentation – Common law and civil procedure
    2. How to write a proper e-mail
    3. Article – Restitution in American law
    4. Article – Compensation in French law
  7. Contract part 1
    1. Students presentation – Cambodian Inheritance (Succession) law
    2. Article – French Law of Contract
    3. Article – Succession law in Europe
  8. Contract part 2
    1. Students presentation – Cambodian Civil Procedure
  9. Conflict of Laws & Litigation Strategy
    1. Lotus Case
    2. Students Presentation – Lotus Case
  10. Rules governing conflict of jurisdiction
    1. Students presentation – Lexx and Color case
  11. Mid-term Exam
  12. Sovereign Immunity part 1
  13. Sovereign Immunity part 2
    1. Students presentation – The Schooner Exchange v. M’Faddon
  14. Forum non conveniens
    1. Students presentation – Republic of Argentina v. NML Capital, Ltd Case
    2. Video – Republic of Argentina v. NML Capital, Ltd Case
    3. Students presentation – Spiliada Maritime Corp vs Cansulex Ltd case
  15. Choice of court agreements
    1. Students presentation – Berghoefer case
  16. Choice of law agreements
    1. Students presentation – Anton Durbeck case
  17. Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgement
    1. Students presentation – Krombach v. Bamberski case
  18. Final Exam (23 February at 8 am)
    1. 10 open questions to prepare

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