The United Nations is engaged in peacebuilding operations across the world. The main purpose of the peacebuilding is to reduce the risk of violent conflict by strengthening the national and regional capacity for conflict management. A post-conflict peacebuilding is a very fragile process and its nature depends on the different political, economical and military circumstances. The efforts include strengthening security and safety; ensuring capacity for justice sector and public administration; providing humanitarian assistance, supporting political dialogue and reconciliation; revitalizing the economic ties. There are three types of political and peacebuilding missions: field-based; special envoys; and sanctions panels and monitoring groups of the Security Council. The UN peacebuilding architecture consists of the Peacebuilding Commission, an intergovernmental advisory body; the Peacebuilding Fund, a financing mechanism; and the Peacebuilding Support Office, an analytical and coordinating capacity.

The Department of Political Affairs supports inclusive political participation and peaceful electoral processes in many post-conflict countries. DPA also plays an important role by coordinating the consolidation of support. DPA works closely with other international partners, national actors and civil society to successfully implement peaceful agreements and establish a sustainable environment for political dialogue. In many cases DPA’s deplored advisors, mediators who supports the post-conflict transition of the country. The support is provided to maintain political dialogue among main actors, to strengthen capacity building of civil society organization and to conduct peaceful elections. In many countries DPA facilitates high-level dialogue, helps to conduct consultations among national stakeholder and provides assistance in creating legal framework for peaceful election.

Women participation constitutes an essential component of sustainable peace building. Peace cannot be achieved if half of the population does not participate in it. The UN invests in women inclusion in peace building actions. The UN mediation processes are designed to be more inclusive and gender-responsive. The women participation in the political, social and economic life is the priority of the development policies implemented by UN Agencies worldwide. The UN assists in organization of workshops, production of guidelines and marinating high-level dialogue to promote women participation in political decision-making processes.

A sustainable development is the best form of conflict prevention. The United Nations provides development assistance through its Agencies to post-conflict and economically fragile regions in order to build national capacities to maintain peace and security. In this context, the UN supports civil society actors working for peaceful coexistence, conflict prevention and resolution, and human rights. It provides technical assistance to evaluate and build capacity and resources for prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts.


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