Situation of human rights in Sudan

The humanitarian situation remains fragile in Sudan. Despite political dialogue and peacebuilding processes, serious abuses of human rights were reported.

The national elections were held in April and were largely boycotted by opposition parties. As a consequence, the voter turnout was low but the president Bashir remained in power. In the meantime, the parliament extended the mandate of the National Intelligence and Security Services. Despite the cessation of hostilities, there were isolated violations of the agreement. The political dialogue under 7+7 negotiation mechanism included representatives from the government, opposition, rebel movements and civil society but there are concerns about the government intentions.

Humanitarian Law and Human rights were abused and violated all parties, including the government forces, rebels and other armed groups. The most serious violations included: military actions against civilian population and civilian infrastructure, forced displacement. Human rights abuses encompassed the civil, political and social rights. Unlawful killings, torture, rape and other inhuman treatment were reported. Restrictions on freedom of speech, press, assembly, closure of civil society organisations were imposed. Use of child soldiers, sexual violence and exploitation, child abuse remains serious problems in Sudan. The government continues to be uncooperative with domestic and international human rights groups. Various kinds of restrictions and harassment of human rights defenders were reported.

The national investigation of human rights violation continues to be a major challenge in Sudan. Prosecutions are rare and impunity remains a common problem, particularly among government’s security forces. In the conflict zones in Darfur, Blue Nile and Southern Kordofan, it is difficult to assess the scale of human rights abuses. The situation of refugees and displaced people is a matter of grave concern. The government continues however, to restrict access for international humanitarian NGOs.


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