Cambodian Law – Relevant Sources of Law

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General Principles of Humanitarian Law

Since 1864, the International Humanitarian Law has developed its own general principles of law, which also constitute – according to the Art. 38 of Statute of International Court of Justice (ICJ) – sources of law. This approach was confirmed in the jurisprudence of ICJ and International Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia.

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NATO, Russia and Ukraine

The question of a possible accession of Ukraine to the NATO has been put aside since at least 2014. The war in Ukraine has diametrically changed the international and regional situation. Beyond doubt, the accession would be a win-win outcome for both – the state of Ukraine and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Nevertheless, Russia would lose its dominant position in the region, a position builds upon historical, economic and cultural approach. Russia always rejects a further expansion of the NATO arguing that the organisation has lost its role since the end of Cold War. Continue reading NATO, Russia and Ukraine

Election in Germany

The elections in Germany have brought many answers to the current political situation, not only in Germany but also in Europe. Together with the French elections, there are the most influential in the nearest future of the continent. Beyond doubt, politicians who rule in Berlin and Paris also design the policy of Brussels. After Trump and Brexit, many political commentators expected that German elections would bring the politics back to the right track, towards a system without a (significant) presence of populist and right-wing parties. Continue reading Election in Germany

Bus from the Phnom Penh Airport to the city centre

There are three bus lines in the capital of the Kingdom of Wonder. Line 1 goes from Monivong Boulevard to Okaha Suy Sophan Bus Terminal. Line 2 links Ta Khmao with Night Market and eventually the line 3 connects the Airport with the Night Market. Continue reading ->

Korean Word War

In recent weeks, the world held its breath. Tensions between North Korea and the United States reached a climax. The threat of war hovers over the world, a war which could destroy the post-1990’s world order; world peace now hangs in the balance. Nobody can accurately predict what would be the cause of a nuclear war nowadays, or how many people would die. One thing is sure; nuclear weapons possess a genocidal character – they can wipe out whole nations. Continue reading Korean Word War